Property Maintenance

Home Owner Associations in the process of properties being built

  • Record keeping and management of plan approval processes in consultation with independent architects.
  • Distribution and implementing of the architectural guidelines .
  • Co-ordination of approvals and final acceptance of plans.
  • Monthly reconciliations of building levies .
  • Record keeping of building timelines and the imposing of fines.
  • Monitoring of contractors and ensuring compliance with environmental standards.
  • Enforcing of rules and builders contracts as established by Trustees.
  • Monitoring of compliance with architectural design manuals in consultation with independent architects.
  • By order of the Trustees implementation of procedures necessary to ensure compliance where non-compliance has occurred.
Painting Projects:
  • Clearly define painting needs and report to Trustees.
  • Obtain quotations to prepare cost estimates for conducting the work.
  • Obtain and provide comprehensive specifications for the preparation, repair and painting project.
  • Address the controls required when disturbing lead paint or Asbestos surfaces under the Body Corporate’s Health and HOA safety guidelines.
  • Identification of firms that may be qualified to complete the project.
  • Schedule mandatory pre-bid meeting between the candidate contractors and board of trustees where the scope of work must be presented in detail and questions regarding the project can openly be discussed.
  • Compile the results of the pre-bid meeting together with other technical and financial information.
  • Incorporate information into a proposal that will be submitted to the board of Trustees after the pre-bid meeting.
  • Collaborate with trustees to evaluate each contractor’s proposal and sample assessment.
  • Convey the results of the Trustees decision to the contractors after a selection was made and a contract awarded.
  • Manage communication between all relevant parties during completion of the painting project.