Property Rentals

JPS Trust currently manages commercial and a wide range of residential properties.  Property owners have the option of us placing a tenant and managing the property or simply finding a suitable tenant.

We pride ourselves with over 30 years of rental industry experience. Our rental portfolios are managed by dedicated professional, service orientated managers.

We provide efficient and effective administration using the latest PayProp property management software.

We are registered with:

The Estate Agency’s Affairs Board (EAAB) - download certificate
National Institute of Estate Agents (IEASA)
National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA) - download certificate
Real Estate Business Owners of South Africa (REBOSA) - download certificate


  • Assessment of property rental potential and market related trends.
  • Marketing and advertising of your property.
  • Placement of tenants whose credentials are thoroughly investigated through credit bureaus such as TPN, Trans Union and Experian.
  • Lease agreements which comply with the Consumer Protection Act (C.P.A.) of 1 April 2011 and The Rental Housing Act no 50 of 1999.
  • Tenant deposits invested in interest bearing accounts in accordance with the Rental Housing Act nr 50 of 1999.
  • Prompt collection of rentals and accurate payments to owners.
  • Control payments of Levy and Municipal invoices, on behalf of the owner.
  • Management of tenant correspondence and owner liaison.
  • Pre and post lease agreement property inspections.
  • Manage and co-ordinate property repairs and maintenance.

Signing of the lease agreement

We enter into lease agreements that fully comply with the Rental Housing Act No 50 of 1999 as well as the Consumer Protection Act of 1 April 2011 for a 12 month period from 1st of December until the 30th of November annually.


The deposit payable when signing the lease agreement is equal to two month’s rent and is invested in accordance with the Rental Housing Act No 50 of 1999.


A thorough inspection is done at the commencement and termination of a contract in order to:

  • assess the condition of the apartment before a contract is signed;
  • assess damages caused by the tenant and have it repaired from the deposit;
  • recommend to the owner, any wear and tear reparations and/or improvements deemed necessary to maintain the value of the property. The Consumer Protection Act also expects from an owner to keep the leased premises in a proper condition.

Monthly rental statements

Landlords receive monthly income- and expense statements.

Finding a Tenant only

Where an owner prefers to manage the property themselves, we would only find and screen the tenant, draw up the lease agreement, undertake a pre tenancy inspection & hold the deposit in trust.

A once-off finder fee is applicable.

Our rates are extremely competitive in order to offer our clients complete peace of mind while ensuring that the value of their properties are maintained and improved.