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Property Management

Property Management

Property management options for all types of community schemes.

We have extensive experience managing all types of community schemes, including Sectional Title, Shareblock  and Home Owner Associations. The strength of our organization and the large size of our client base make it possible for us to obtain the very best from a variety of service providers at competitive prices.

Property Management
Property Management

Our Property Management services include:

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Financial Management

Operation of a current bank account and savings accounts on behalf of the Body Corporate/HOA.

Collection of normal and CSOS levies and any other income due to the Body Corporate. Monthly statements are presented.

Verification and payment of all accounts payable by the Body Corporate/HOA including Unemployment Insurance Fund, Workmen’s Compensation and Regional Services levies, Municipal accounts, insurance premiums and maintenance and repairs.

Preparation of clearance certificates.

Capturing of the books to trial balance and the liaison with auditors to prepare annual financial statements

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Administration Services

Keeping records of the administration including proper books of account (computerized).

Keeping complete records of levy statements of each owner.

Preparation of an annual estimate of income and expenditure for submission to the Board of Trustees and the Body Corporate/HOA for approval and the determination of monthly levies.

Periodic review of the estimate of expenditure.

Arranging the annual audit with the auditor of the Body Corporate/HOA and on completion, submission of the audited statements to the members of the Body Corporate/HOA.

Attending to all correspondence on behalf of the Body Corporate/HOA including letters and notices to occupants.

Storing the minute books, attendance registers, the register of sectional bondholders, sectional plans, rules, insurance policies and all other permanent records of the Body Corporate/HOA.

Assisting and advising the Board of Trustees on the enforcement of the rules adopted by the Body Corporate/HOA, on specific instructions from the Body Corporate/HOA.

Registration with the Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS)

Ensuring that the schemes are registered with SARS

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Meeting Services

Arranging the Annual General Meeting (one per year) and by arrangement, quarterly meetings of the Board of Trustees.

Attending quarterly Trustee meetings by agreement, but not exceeding two hours in duration.

Keeping and submitting minutes of all meetings to the Trustees and the members of the Body Corporate/HOA.

Assisting and advising the Board of Trustees on procedural matters such as general meetings, special general meetings, quorums, proxies, resolutions, voting rights, etc

Attending to proxies, nominations, agendas, etc.

JPS Trust Property Management
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Project Management

We’re proud to say that our trained and qualified team includes highly experienced project managers who are available to assist in planning, organizing and managing your building repairs, renovations, construction or maintenance projects to agreed goals and objectives.
It is critical to ensure exceptional communication between the contractor and our owners and trustees in order to keep them informed of the progress of the project. Keeping record of the project budget and reporting regularly to trustees is of the utmost importance.

Quality control is one of the primary areas that contractors are evaluated on. Quality control inspectors can be appointed for all projects as requested by the board of trustees.

Weekly quality control reports can be presented to the board of trustees during major projects.

We ensure that all contractors have valid SHE-files for every project. We arrange Health and Safety audits for all Bodies Corporate/HOA.

Three different caretaker or maintenance manager options are available.

Management of a maintenance manager appointed by the trustees and who’s duties will entail the supervision of contractors, garden services, maintenance workers and security guards for a couple of hours each day. The flexi maintenance manager will also perform regular site inspections and report any defaults to the managing agent. He will operate on a flexi-time basis and it is ideal for developments with a tight budget.

Management of a weekly part-time maintenance manager for smaller developments with regular maintenance, security, cleaning and pool care responsibilities and where a full time manager would not be cost effective.

Management of a dedicated maintenance manager who performs monthly site visits for standard maintenance issues like lights, drains, gutters and downpipe cleaning.

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Dispute resolution

We regularly have to deal with conflict between owners, lessees, residents and their guests. The experience we have gained in dealing with such situations enables us to resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently. Recently we have successfully used mediation and arbitration to resolve difficult issues successfully.
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Maintenance and Repair Services -Main Objectives

Liaison with maintenance and building contractors.

Prepare a 10 year maintenance programs based on Trustees requirements.

Maintaining a panel of qualified contractors in all sectors and levels of maintenance and painting.

Home Owner Associations in the process of properties being built

  • Record keeping and management of plan approval processes in consultation with independent architects.
  • Distribution and implementing of the architectural guidelines .
  • Co-ordination of approvals and final acceptance of plans.
  • Monthly reconciliations of building levies .
  • Record keeping of building timeline and imposing of fines.
  • Monitoring of contractors and ensuring compliance with environmental standards.
  • Enforcing of rules and builders contracts as established by Trustees.
  • Monitoring of compliance with architectural design manuals in consultation with independent architects.
  • By order of the Trustees implementation of procedures necessary to ensure compliance where non-compliance has occurred.

Painting Projects

  • Clearly define painting needs and report to Trustees.
  • Obtain quotations to prepare cost estimates for conducting the work.
  • Obtain and provide comprehensive specifications for the preparation, repair and painting project.
  • Address the controls required when disturbing lead paint or Asbestos surfaces under the Body Corporate’s Health and
  • Safety guidelines.
  • Identification of firms that may be qualified to complete the project.
  • Schedule mandatory pre-bid meeting between the candidate contractors and board of trustees where the scope of work must be presented in detail and questions regarding the project can openly be discussed.
  • Compile the results of the pre-bid meeting together with other technical and financial information.
  • Incorporate information into a proposal that will be submitted to the board of Trustees after the pre-bid meeting.
  • Collaborate with trustees to evaluate each consultant’s proposal and sample assessment.
  • Convey the results of the Trustees decision to the contractors after a selection was made and a contract awarded.
  • Manage communication between all relevant parties during completion of the painting project.
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Legal and Conflict resolution assistance

We regularly have to deal with conflict between owners, lessees, residents and their guests. The experience we have gained in dealing with such situations now enables us to resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently.

Sectional Title and Home Owners Association disputes by nature are disputes between owners of communally owned property. Rule 71 of the prescribed Management Rules prescribes that these disputes, including disputes related to outstanding levies, should be resolved by way of private arbitration, and affordable, cost effective and quick dispute resolution process.

We have succeeded in resolving several serious and long standing disputes by introducing a managed mediator and arbitration process developed by Equillor, with the support and advice of NAMA.

This process encourages early settlement through the use of a two phased and very cost- and time effective arbitration process.

With this process expensive and long drawn out court proceedings can be successfully avoided and a further benefit is the fact that the relationship between the opposing parties can often be restored.